Sozen manual grinders are totally handmade and hand crafted by Sozen Family for more than 120 years. Nowadays fifth generation of the family is running this business.

Sozen grinders have very sensitive and adjustable grinding mechanism inside, that makes these grinders being a well known mill brand all over the world.
Coffee grinders, black cumin grinders and rock salt grinders are among the grinder range of Sozen.

Hikmet Sozen, the maker of these grinders, has been making these grinders since he was 13 years old, he started making handmade grinders by helping his father and grand-father.

Hikmet Sozen and Gurhan Sozen, father and son, can make up to 10 coffee mills each day. It is possible to find all kinds of mills in Sozen grinder shop.

Hikmet Sozen mentions that:

" Although this family business gets from father to the son, the only thing that does not change here, is the coffee grinder itself.

Making manual grinder is an art and we perform this art"
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